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Hi everyone! Thanks so much for visiting.

I am just a normal girl who loves artsy things. I noticed that I love painting and drawing in high school (shout out to IB art!) and started exploring photography in college as a hobby. Although I enjoyed art very much, I didn’t have the time and means to pursue it too much until recently (yay for my supportive husband). So beware that I am no professional artist, and I have no academic background in art or photography from an actual art school.

I hope to share with you all my experiments and works from the past as well as current projects so that you can see a bit of my artistic development. I will show primarily drawings, paintings, and photos, but I also love making cards, so you’ll be seeing some of those. It’s a lot to gather in one place, but it’s a reflection of my development. I just like experimenting with different mediums and hopefully I end up creating something that people can enjoy.

Since this is just the beginning, please be patient as I populate this blog with all sorts of wonderful things. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think, or if there is some suggestions you may have.

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There you will be able to see some works I’ve put together for easy viewing. I am working to put detailed descriptions of each piece, so if some are blank and you want to know more, check back soon! Furthermore, please say a quick hello if you make it to Be Lured on Facebook and let me know what you think!

With that said, here’s something to hold you over until my next post:

I’ve put together a collage of four separate pieces for easy viewing. This was an assignment in IB art, called art movement study where I was to research different styles of movements in art history and pick four that I would like to demonstrate using the same subject. In this case I chose cubism, realism, impressionism, and surrealism as my four styles of art movements and my subject was a baby. The baby was actually a picture I saw in a magazine and I fell in love with it. I drew it in my art journal, and then went to work! Cubism baby is in acrylic paint, realism baby is in conte crayon, impressionism baby is in watercolor, and surrealism baby is in acrylic paint. 
Fun fact: after I finished all four, I realized that I had signed them for reading the wrong way hehe
I hope you’ve enjoyed Be Lured. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to come back soon!
<3 Kara

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