Winter Landscape

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Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Today I am sharing a watercolor painting that I did in 2006. This is my first full watercolor project and was very unfamiliar with the medium. I had complications with stretching the paper so it dried kind of funny. Also, being it was my first time doing watercolor, I learned quickly that I have to start light and build up. Otherwise, I will not be able to erase or cover anything up. Furthermore, I had a hard time making the scratches for the bushes on the bottom left corner. It looks alright at a distance, but up close, I feel that I could have done more intentional strokes.

The scene is based on a photograph I took on a snowy trail behind my parents’ house in 2005. I took a ton of pictures that day, and many of them were so peaceful and serene. But this one I chose because it’s a sight I saw everyday. When you leave or enter the community, you pass by a huge open field that shows this beautiful scene. So this sight brings back memories of tickling my baby sister in the car, or on my way to and from school every morning, or going to see family and friends.

With that said, here is a collage of my progress from the early stages to the finished product.

Again, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day/afternoon/night!

<3 Kara


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