Winter Painting Gift

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Hey guys!

I wanted to share another one of my winter paintings today. This one was done in December of 2006 as a Christmas gift for the Furgasons (they are like family to me). I painted this in a matter of hours, which was really fast for me. Usually I take forever to finish a painting! This painting was done in acrylic on canvas, and I wrote a message on the back so this painting doubled as a card.

I did take some time to browse through a ton of winter images on the web, just so I could have a better idea about the texture of the snow on trees and bushes. Also, that helped me come up with a composition. This whole painting was made from scratch, so to speak :) I pulled pieces I like from various pictures and put it all together.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

<3 Kara


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