Chloe’s Maternity Photos

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The Alaskan fall was the perfect setting to capture Chloe’s maternal glow. I sought to capture the new mother’s love for Baby Bennett and the golden Alaskan colors at Creamer’s Field was such an ideal location.

This was very much a collaboration shoot in that we discussed vision and prop ideas. We also tried a variety of settings and lighting angles and that can be time-consuming. All the while, Chloe was such a good sport and so much fun to photograph.

Before we get to the photos, I would like to thank our friend Jessie for being so patient and helpful during the shoot! We definitely needed the extra help :)

Here are some of my and Chloe’s favorite shots. Enjoy!

ChloeMaternity01 ChloeMaternity02 ChloeMaternity03 ChloeMaternity04 ChloeMaternity05 ChloeMaternity06 ChloeMaternity07 ChloeMaternity08 ChloeMaternity09 ChloeMaternity10 ChloeMaternity11 ChloeMaternity12 ChloeMaternity13


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